Tips To Choose the Best Dell Laptop in Kenya

dell laptop in kenya

Tips To Choose the Best Dell Laptop in Kenya

Finding the best laptop for college can be a tough endeavor, whether going to college or trying to aid a friend. The good news is that we can assist in finding the correct answer to this.

Identifying your immediate and long-term needs is the first step in selecting the best laptop for college. Consider a DELL laptop in Kenya that can run the latest software and programs as technology continues to advance rapidly every year. Buying a computer with enough room for future improvements in technology is called “futureproofing” your purchase.

Let us check out some points from our laptop buying guide.

  1. Performance first

A laptop’s performance requirements can vary depending on the user’s requirements. Heavier tasks, such as running Adobe Premiere Pro or playing games, place a greater demand on the processor. A high-end central processing unit (CPU) may be unnecessary if you or your prospective college student only want to use the laptop for basic chores such as word processing, downloading music, and posting to social media.

  1. Screen size

The weight and cost of a laptop will vary depending on its screen size. When shopping for a laptop, most stores and websites will have them organized by screen size. Most laptops have displays ranging in size from 11 inches to 17 inches. Consider how and where you’ll use your new laptop before settling on a display size.

  • 11 – 13 inches: This is a super small, lightweight laptop. Small laptops with 11- or 13-inch screens are perfect for those on a tight budget who only need to do Web browsing, e-mail, and word processing.
  • 15 inches: Think about getting a 15-inch model because it strikes an excellent combination between portability, functionality, and cost.
  • 17 inches: If performance is your top goal, choose a 17-inch workhorse. These powerful laptops are great for gamers, content makers, and video editors. This huge screen might replace an external monitor.


  1. Battery life

Laptop battery life is a major concern. Developing a laptop’s battery life isn’t easy for manufacturers. The battery life of a laptop depends on how you use it; check the manufacturer’s specs. Read battery life reviews or manufacturer websites online. Mid-sized to larger laptops last four to six hours, whereas ultraportables last ten.

  1. Keyboard

There are many more people than only gamers and writers that value a laptop’s keyboard. Since you’ll be spending the most time on the keyboard, it makes sense to invest in a model that’s aesthetically pleasing and offers a pleasant spring or tactile sensation when typed on.

  1. RAM

The word RAM stands for random-access memory,  often remembered while buying a college laptop. RAM saves recently-used data for quick access. Think of it as information you use often and can reach fast. More RAM means a quicker PC. Your laptop needs 8 to 16 GB of RAM.

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