Bad Habits To Avoid Messing With Your Laptop System

Laptops are multipurpose, conveniently designed systems that handle multitasking like the whizzes they are. This makes it essential to take utmost care of these multifunctional experts so they can serve you in the long run to their uttermost efficiency. There are some bad PC habits we all are guilty of at certain points. Below is a list of “bad habits” you need to be aware of to prevent further harm to your system.

Bad Habits To Avoid Messing With Your Laptop System

Forgoing Overheating Problems

If your laptop gets too hot, this means that there is nowhere for the internal heat to be expelled. This makes it essential to keep the fan vent clear. If the heat is not let go of, the system will overheat, and despite its efficient processor, it will either shut off or slowly bake itself to death. High temperatures can slow the processor down and reduce its lifespan. You should not put laptops on surfaces that block the airflow under the laptop. It is best to use the laptop on flat surfaces free of stuff that can obstruct its airflow, which is why you should ensure it is free of dust as well.

Using The Keyboard As A Deskspace

One of the most common mistakes made by users is putting things on the keyboard. However, shutting the lid while the other things are still placed on the keyboard can lead to damage to the laptop screen or touch panel. LED laptop screens can get pricey as they are quite difficult to repair. Modern laptops come with sleek designs and thinner screens, making glass-panelled screens so much easier to break while repairing them. Moreover, placing heavy items on the laptop can cause potential damage to the hinges, optical drive and the disk present in the drive (if it is).

Dining With Your Laptop

Eating or drinking on your laptop or in front poses a threat to not just the laptop but to the food as well. Bits and pieces of food can fall onto the keyboard, and liquids can spill over, leading to damage in the hardware components on the motherboard. In addition, the molecular structure of the food and water gets destroyed by the electromagnetic field of the laptop system, making it bad for the body. The food loses its nutritional properties, which can cause short-term or long-term illnesses or diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Carelessly Grabbing The Laptop By Its Screen

Another way to potentially damage the laptop screen is by grabbing it to pick up the laptop. Grabbing the screen creates unnecessary pressure on the hinges. This causes direct pressure on the LCD and can deform or crack the laptop screen. Carrying the laptop by its screen can cause harm to the glass screen and pixels inside from the pressure exerted on it. You must always pick up or carry your laptop from the base.

Final Thought

If you’re late reading the pointers mentioned above and have ended up with a damaged laptop, you can always buy laptops in Kenya on our website.

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