Reasons Why You Should Opt For Ethernet Cables

What Is An Ethernet Cable?

Ethernet cables directly connect your devices to your internet router. They help speed up your connection by physically connecting your computer to the internet. The connection is set up so that one end of the ethernet cable is connected to the computer and the other to the router. They come in as long or short lengths as you need them to be. Ethernet cables boast a list of advantages that have been discussed in detail in the post below.

Advantages Of Having Ethernet Cables


Compared to a wireless connection, the speed offered by ethernet cable is much greater and is one of the primary benefits of ethernet. It provides one to one connection, making it easier to accomplish an incredible data transfer speed of 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps even. Ethernet cable is capable enough to cut short the time of work that takes a few days to complete within a few hours. This efficiency assists in the transfer of large-scale data. The speed of data transfer depends upon the type of ethernet network, topologies, and cabling one has.


The high power efficiency of ethernet cables saves on your electrical bills as their energy consumption is lesser than any other cabling and a Wi-Fi connection as well. These cables ensure streamlined power efficiency as well. Ethernet cables such as Cat6, Cat6e, and fiber optics are highly power-efficient cables that consume considerably less power. Following the Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard, the professionals put the transmission circuit into low power mode and reduce PHY power utilization. So, when the link is inactive, physical layer devices such as hubs, modems, and more are made to rest in low-power mode for better efficiency.

Enhanced Data Transfer Quality

It is not just the rate at which data transfer takes place but the quality of data transfer which makes ethernet cable a viable option to go for. Ethernet boosts the data transfer speeds and offers enhanced quality of data transfer without any noise at that. Electromagnetic noise generally creates disturbances and lowers the quality of data transfer. Ethernet is strong against noise, so the quality of the information remains unaffected and does not degrade.

Data Security

In terms of data security, ethernet is one of the most reliable networks to depend on. Its connection supplies much more efficient data security when compared to WiFi or any other wireless connection. In the case of WiFi, wireless connections are enabled, which can be intercepted without a physical device. This makes WiFi vulnerable to hacking, whereas if someone wants to access data on the ethernet, the user would require a physically attached device with a network. You will have control over who gets access to the internet as they can only connect to the cable by plugging their device into your router.


The above post supplies the benefits that reason with the selection of ethernet cables in Kenya over WiFi. With the help of ethernet, you can easily enjoy a fast, secure, and reliable connection within your company or organization.

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