Things to consider while buying laptops in Kenya

In the ongoing age, the necessity of having a laptop is no longer limited to people
related to technical studies and professions. It has become a prerequisite necessity
for people of every field and specialization, be it musicians, writers, teachers,
artists, and whoever comes to your mind.
Due to the increased necessity and inclusivity of technology in various fields of
life, the sale of laptops is skyrocketing with uncontrollable velocity. More and
more people are buying laptops from online as well as offline sellers, every day.
Therefore, in this blog, we have mentioned the most crucial factors and aspects that
need to be considered while buying laptops in Kenya, to make a profitable deal
and get the best specifications within your budget. So, if you are someone who is
planning to buy a laptop then keep reading to make an aware and calculative
decision while making one of the most significant purchases of your life.

  1. The Budget Range
    The first thing that you need to consider while buying a laptop in Kenya is the
    budget that you have decided on. Budget plays a significant role in identifying the
    quality and specifications that you can expect to get in your system. It is a well-
    stated fact that laptops are expensive entities. The price of laptops ranges from
    thousands to lakhs.
    So, it is extremely important for you to fix the budget to start researching the
    models and specifications that you can get within that range. Otherwise, you will
    end up scanning the market aimlessly without arriving at a specific decision or
  2. The Processing Unit or CPU
    After you have fixed the budget, the strength of the CPU is the most important
    thing to look for when buying laptops in Kenya. CPU or processor is the most
    vital part of the laptop that decides its efficiency, functionality, and speed of
    processing. If you want the laptop for technical functions then you would need one
    with a powerful processor like Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. The speed and
    strength of the processor also depend on the generation or version of the processor.
  1. The capacity and efficiency of RAM
    Even if you have a restrictive budget, make sure that you buy a laptop with 4GB
    RAM or above. Bigger RAM allows the user to run more than one application
    simultaneously on the laptop. Better RAM also increases the processing speed of
    the laptop.
  2. Hard Disc Drive Or The Storage Space Of The Laptop
    Hard disc works as the storage system of the laptop, where you can save all your
    files, documents, photos, and videos on the laptop. The bigger the hard disc the
    bigger storage space you will have. So, always look for a laptop with SSD (Solid
    State Drive) while buying laptops in Kenya, as it provides better space and speed
    to store your files, it is also lighter as compared to a hard drive, and also makes
    considerably less noise than the hard drive.
  3. Build Quality Of Screen And Keyboard
    Whatever functions you are going to perform, you will always need a sturdy
    laptop. Carefully check the size and quality of the keyboard. The keyboard should
    have full-sized keys and should be durable in quality. If your budget allows, you
    can also look for a laptop with a backlit keyboard while buying laptops in Kenya.
    These days a backlit keyboard feature is easily available even in budget laptops.
    The same goes for the screen size. Make sure to buy a laptop with an adequate
    screen size. The most preferred screen size in laptops ranges from 14 inches to 16
    inches. You can choose the laptop with the ideal screen size based on the nature of
    your requirement.
  4. Quality Of The Speakers and Webcam.
    In the age of video conferences and work-from-home culture, you also need to be
    mindful of the quality of speakers and web cameras used in the laptop. Try to get
    the most decent quality speakers and webcams while buying laptops in Kenya.

Apart from these technical aspects, there are some other things that you need to
consider to make a relevant and affordable purchase.

  1. Your Purpose Or Requirement For Buying The Laptop
    The use or purpose of the laptop also plays a crucial role in deciding the budget
    and the model that you will buy. You would need a high-performing laptop for
    performing technical tasks like gaming and graphic designing. Whereas non-
    technical tasks can also be performed on a non-technical laptop. Or you can buy a
    high-end refurbished laptop for the price of a nontechnical laptop.
  2. The Latest Specifications Available In The Market
    While buying laptops in Kenya, you should also research the latest specifications
    and models that are available in the market as well as within your budget range. It
    will help you get a laptop that offers the best possible features and specifications
    within your decided budget.
    While buying laptops in Kenya, it is equally essential to buy them from a certified
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