Pros and Cons of Buying Dell Laptops

Dell is one of the top-selling laptop brands in the world. Its multinational company
mainly manufactures, sells, and repairs computer-related products. The Dell company’s
founder, Michael Dell, provides their users with the best premium laptops. Dell will
likely have to choose what you want if you want a laptop. But it all depends on your
budget and what features you intend to use in your new device. If you are looking for
dell laptop in Kenya Hubtech online shop is the best option. When choosing the
laptop, consider a few things, including Dell’s process and cons. This article will discuss
all the pros and cons of Dell laptops.

Pros of the Dell laptops
● Designs
The success and popularity of any product vary depending on its aesthetics. Dell laptop
has sleek, straightforward, and next-generation design. These laptops are available in
many different colours in every model. You can also find many features, including edge-
to-edge screens, enhanced displays, etc. Dell has the slimmest design of any other
laptop out there. The main thing for everyone is that their laptop looks excellent; you
have to use it for your business purposes or your college days, and it should look
● Budget-friendly
Everyone should next check that the product they purchase suits their pocket. Dell
laptop is famous for their low price, and they have varieties of laptop of many models.
Search for the qualities you want in your Dell laptop, and choose the one within your
budget. They have a laptop in almost all price ranges with great features to please their
customers. In the same price range, Dell offers you the best quality products than
other companies. You can go for Dell if you want a laptop at a low price.
● Technical support
Technical and after-support are much appreciated by users worldwide. Technical
support is equally essential as another factor. It gives your user a support factor that
you are there to help if they face any problem. If you have any issues with your Dell
laptop, you can contact the technical support section, and an agent can help you. Dell
technical support is available across the globe with 24*7 availability.
● Customized
Dell laptops are tailored to the buyer’s specifications. Dell laptops outperform its
competitors when finding the proper configuration balance. The configuration balance
allows the user to continue using the laptop without interruption.
Anyone can build a bespoke laptop. You can customize it to match your demands by
selecting an optional processor, memory, hard drive, display panel, etc.
● Warranty
Dell comes with a one-year warranty for all models of laptops. You can also get the
option to extend your laptop warranty up to 5 years from the original date of purchase,
but only after paying a specific price. If there is any technical issue with the laptop,
you can talk to the support system, which will cost you nothing.
● Better security
Dell provides the most secure laptops with excellent advanced security solutions, which
include comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication, and better malware
detectors. The security is designed to protect the user’s data through central
● Innovation
Dell is a forward-thinking laptop brand and consistently pushes all its products to the
next level for better performance. Dell always tries to keep up with technology and
produces quality products for its customers. Their laptop collection is hard to count,
and most of the notebook models of Dell have all the features, such as touchscreens,
powerful processor, long battery, and backlist keywords. Dell Latitude E5520 is an
excellent example of innovation.

Cons of the Dell laptops
● Quality
The first con that you find in Dell laptops is poor build quality. The expensive laptops
have build quality and will decrease as the price drops. The plastic build quality is poor
compared to the metallic body, which gives a more premium and asthmatic look. You
must take care of the laptop while using the plastic one.
● Screen
Most laptops with low prices will not protect your eyesight, and prolonged exposure to
the computer screen can affect your vision. Not all laptops can save your eye from the
screen effect; only costly laptops have advanced display panels. The low-priced laptops

have a screen that doesn’t have an eye-protective screen. The factors that decide the
quality of the display panel are RGB ratio, brightness level, and contrast ratio.
● Heavy
The latest laptops are indeed slim and lightweight, but it is also true that they are
heavier than others. While choosing the laptop, you should see the factor.

To wind up
You know all the pros and cons of Dell laptops, but these are the primary choices if you
want a computer within your budget. Additionally, with this article, you should know
about laptops’ significant pros and cons. You can choose a laptop according to your

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