Ten reasons to use an HP desktop PC at home

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We live in the digital era, and laptops and PCs are essential to life. One of the best
desktops which are gaining popularity is HP. If you are working at home, desktops are
unbeatable devices then others. One brand that comes to mind is HP. We know you are
thinking, why HP? There are numerous factors that you should choose HP. This guide
will teach us ten reasons to choose an HP desktop at home.

HP Desktop PCs are an excellent value for money.
As you can see, desktops are less expensive than laptops. If you want to spend the
same amount of money, then HP desktop is a better option. Here are reasons why it is
worth your money.

● Parts are cheaper
As we can see, mobile accessories are expensive because they are smaller and complex,
but that comes at a price. Those components need exceptional engineers who ensure
they are smaller but still do their job well. PC desktops are much larger, so their parts
are manufactured accordingly. That is the reason they come at a cheaper price.

● Desktop is powerful
Another thing you will find in HP laptops is that they are more powerful than laptops.
This is primarily due to the computer’s size, heat production, and power consumption.
Furthermore, desktops have higher specifications and perform faster and smoother
than laptops.

● Displays
As you noticed, a laptop screen can go up to 17.3 inches. But if you look at PC desktops,
they will go up to 32 inches, a popular size in the desktop PC. You can also connect a
desktop to a TV; it will offer a feature that will provide you with a length equal to a TV.
It makes a desktop more flexible in its usage and environment. And, of course,
Desktops are designed to work with two or more Displays to enhance optimum gaming
and productivity. This device is set up perfectly for home use.

● Desktops For Gaming
As the newer trends, people have now found their interest in gaming. And with the HP
desktop PC, you can now invest in high-intensity gaming. With it, you can have a great
session with your mates, make your room into your particular gaming cell, and decorate it with your preference. Hardcore PC gamers frequently use many monitors in their
setup. Of course, this can only be done at home because it is not portable!

● Remember, all in one.
The expansion of work-from-home setups has revitalized revenues in this sector. HP is
one of the few manufacturers that continues to release new AIO designs, and they are
reaping the benefits. Consider the HP Envy 34. It sits on your desk at home (or at
work) and is ideal for creative professionals seeking a large screen with plenty of power
and capability.

● Security
You can get the best security to buy an HP desktop PC. You can rest easy regarding
your machine’s physical safety. Desktops are heavy or bulky and easy to move. Hence, it
takes work to steal.

Here are some of the features you will find in HP. Further, you will know the top 10
reasons you should choose HP Desktops.
Why choose HP?

  1. The first thing you are concerned about is the brand’s reputation, and HP is
    highly recommended, reliable, and reputable. For a decade, HP has been the
    world’s leading brand, so you know you are working on a desktop, which allows
    you to work smoothly and consistently.
  2. HP maintains its leadership position in the personal computer industry. They
    control more than 22% of the PC market, indicating that buyers are well aware
    of what they provide and the quality of their products.
  3. The design and appearance are attractive, and HP has improved. HP now looks
    more classy and attractive. According to Laptop magazine in the USA, an HP
    laptop is “Almost every machine is a stunner. They have fantastic design and
    generally look phenomenal”.
  4. HP has the best solution for you; it is a complex and easy task if you are looking
    for features like surfing and dealing with emails and Word docs.
  5. A company can improve its reputation if it provides you with the best support
    team, and HP has one of the best support teams for your problems. They have a
    highly trained team that is well-equipped to provide you with the best solutions.
  6. When you buy a computer, you want it to last, and HP delivers. HP has taken
    considerable measures to assure the dependability and longevity of their PCs.
    Their computers are put through what they call “military testing.” This
    procedure entails being dropped 26 times from 30 inches and landing on all
    angles and edges. They subject their computers to electric shocks, humidity
    variations, and temperature fluctuations.
  7. To ensure your safety, HP offers the best security, including some of the
    features given below:
    ➢ HP Sure Start: BIOS auto protection that uses hardware-enforced self-healing
    ➢ HP Sure Run: Ensures that your essential applications and processes remain
    operational even if malicious parties attempt to shut them down.
    ➢ HP Sure Recover: it uses the network connection to restore images on your PC.
    – HP Sure Click: your PC is also protected from the infected files on the website.
    ➢ HP Sure View: it also creates instant protection against visual hacking.
  8. HP continually tries to improve users’ experience. It means HP is trying to
    improve and develop new technologies. The combination of reliability and
    innovation makes it ahead of the competition.
  9. HP provides you with the best display, which offers crisp, clear visuals with a
    great depth of colours.
  10. Being a world leader is unsuitable if your products are not easily accessible. HP
    computers are readily available online. The more accessible a brand, the easier it
    is to fix if something ever goes wrong.

    To Wind Up
    Numerous desktops are available in the market, but the best one can provide you with
    the best features if you want to do some office work or play a hardcore game. In the
    list of desktops, HP comes on the top. But why should you choose HP? This article gives
    you a clear vision of 10 reasons why you should go for HP desktops in Kenya.

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