The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Gaming Projector

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Every gamer loves to try new technology if it is related to games, and a gaming
projector is one of them. Either you are spending a chill game night with your friends
or playing alone. You need a good gaming projector for hosting a gaming night.

It is a great way to make a great bond with people and build a sense of teamwork. But what
should you check for a gaming projector? In this article, we will learn everything about
a gaming projector and how you can get a great one. Let’s proceed feather:

What is a gaming projector?
Gaming projectors are specially designed for gaming and optimized to work with gaming
consoles with high video and sound quality. In essence, it works as a big and better
gaming screen so that you can enjoy a great gaming night with your friends.

Now, the question arises: how do they work? The gaming projector uses LED lasers to project
images to the surface. The lasers are measured in Lumens, which means the higher the
lumen, the brighter and clearer the projected picture. Epson projectors in Kenya are
one of the primary choices of people.

Why buy a Gaming projector?
Gamers love to get the best features in technology, and gaming projector has numerous
peaks for them that include:
● It provides you with Pictures and graphics quality, such as a projector delivers a
higher resolution HD than smartphones.
● It can customize your screen size using the zoom-in or out option to adjust it
● They are more affordable than TV and home theatre sets.
● It is specifically engineered for gaming because they are designed to deliver
fast responses and image quality.

What features does the best gaming projector have?
Here is the buying guide if you know what features to book for before buying a
projector. Below, you will find information that will help you buy a gaming projector.
One thing you should remember while making any purchase is to set the budget. When
you choose the project, focus on the quality of the product. Keep the quality high; you
want something long-lasting rather than stop in between. The features that should be
seen before making any purchase.

● Brightness
The brightness you want depends on the projection room. Let us understand it with an
example: if you’re going to use the projection inside, then you don’t need the high
lumens count, but if you are using it outside, then you need a count above 1000. For
darker rooms, you need counts between 200 to 800 Lumens, and a room with bright
light should be between 1000 and 1500.

● Resolution
For resolution, go at least 1080p because, in 1080p, you will get high HD resolution,
delivering life-like picture quality. In this kind of resolution, you will play games and
enjoy movies, presentation art projects, and even outdoor parties. It is perfect for
games, providing the ideal dynamic and vivid picture.

● Contrast Radio
This is a word that will be used throughout this review. But what does it all mean? If
you know how projectors function, you know that each image is divided into frames. A
frame is initially black and white, and the light determines the image’s colour reflected
off the white. A contrast ratio is a light reflected from an entirely white or black
image sequence. As a result, if the projector’s contrast ratio is 30000:1, the white
picture is 30000 times brighter than the black, making the image more precise and

● Response Rate
The time that is taken by the projector to display an image is known as a response rate
or input lag. Gamers want a fast response rate projector because every second matters
in the game. You should go for the projector with an input lag of 50mm because the
lower the input lag, the faster the projector’s response rate. In this list, Epson
projectors in Kenya
come primary on the list.

● Refresh Rate
Refresh rate refers to the time the projector takes to display video; it differs from an
image. It is because the video has to sync audio with each frame. The considerable
refresh rate will be 120Hz or above. The higher the refresh rate, the better for your

● Audio performance
Audio performance is also a feature that you should consider besides others. You will
not find ambient audio in every projector; the best gaming projector has integrated
speakers. The mini projector doesn’t have an integrated audio system. If your
projector doesn’t have an audio system, you have to connect to the output sound

system for a great experience. For a better experience, the projector should have
integrated dual 2W speakers or a single 5W speaker.

● Gaming Mode
The best gaming projector offers you different image and sound modes. Choose a
gaming project that allows you to manage audio distribution if you want a better and
more realistic gaming experience. Other mode options will enable you to customise and
intensify the projector’s deep bass and sounds. As a result, 50-calibre sniper rounds
with more loud and impacting sounds are now available. Some of the projector modes
that you should use:
● RPG mode
-FPS Mode
● SPG Mode
-Screen size

Screen size depends on the wall and projection room. For example, if you plan on
projecting the game in your drawing room, you need to measure the size of the wall.
The screen size depends on the measurement, but it is getting a projector with
sensitive minimum and maximum scale. For example, a screen size range should be in
between is ideal as it gives a well-rounded figure.

To wind Up
Gaming projector comes in numerous types that you can find online, but which one is
best for you? There are some features that you check before making any purchase. In
this guide, you will learn everything about the gaming projector that will end up helping
you with the best gaming projectors.

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