Projector Technology Unveiled: Best Projector Brands

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If you love to watch movies and want a theatre experience at home, do you ever think
of having a projector rather than a TV as newer technologies have been introduced?
The projector has also become affordable recently so you can have a theatre feeling in
your living room. But to find the best projector, you should choose the right brand.
This article will teach you about the top brands that provide the best projectors.
Top 5 projector brands in the World

1 Epson projectors:

The first company that comes on this list is Epson. These projectors are the best
choice for conference halls, classrooms, and meeting rooms. The next thing you can find
in these projectors is their elegant and sleek design, giving them an aesthetic and
compact look.

In Epson, you get features such as clear Visuals, crisp presentation with
appropriate brightness, and training sessions with professional quality. Epson projector
offers a brightness varying from 2500 nm to 3001 lm for a clear and brighter view.

Who makes Epoxy projectors?
It is a part of the famous Japanese company Sioko Epson. Seiko is famous for making
the World’s best watches. Epson is renowned for making the best printer in the World.
A fact about this company is that in 1998, NASA Selected an Epson printer for one of
the space missions. Thus, it became the printer ever to go into space.

2 Sony Projectors

The next brand in the top list is Sony, a popular choice for homes and offices. The
Sony projectors can display images to full HD Videos and static text; the essential
thing with this projector is showing beautiful and vibrant pictures and videos. Some of
the best Sony projectors offer SVGA and XGA resolutions that provide quality
projectors in a 4:3 and higher resolution projectors in a 16:9 ratio. It is a feature with
a brightness level that is perfect for home and office uses. They offer the 3LCD and 1-
chip DLP technology.

3 Benq Projectors

BenQ projectors are among the most sought-after projectors on the market due to
their high image quality and projection ratio. BenQ Projectors come in various
variations with varying specialisations; the projectors can display images and videos up
to 30 feet away and have a DLP chipset. Because the DLP BenQ Projectors have a
strong colour contrast, every frame on the screen will look beautiful and inviting. BenQ

projectors are ideal for small and large spaces and rooms; budget-friendly options are
available. BenQ Projectors, after all, stand for “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to

Who makes a BenQ projector?
Benq is a multinational company from Taipei, Taiwan. BenQ is a short form of the
famous company Slogan, which means “Bring enjoyment AND Quality to Life.” Generally,
BenQ is a part of Acer Computers but was branched off in 2001. But BenQ has become
a multinational company with 100 companies and employs about 1,500 people worldwide.
BenQ includes Digital projectors, digital cameras, LCD monitors, etc.

4 LG projectors

The next projector is highly professional and specially designed for portable and
assists in making presentations in small to medium-sized spaces. It is compact and
easily fits in the backpack and seat-up anywhere.

They offer the best and most
apparent picture quality with 1400lm brightness, a contrast ratio of 1,50,000:1, LED
lighting and a triple XD engine. LG projectors provide an unforgettable movie
experience with intelligent features such as a viewing experience of up to 120 class
sizes, Wi-Fi sharing, and LED light lasting 30,000 hours.

Who makes LG projectors?
The LG electronic company from South Korea introduced LG projectors. It is one of
the top 5 manufacturing companies in the World of electric consumers such as
projectors, TV, mobile, etc. The company’s original name was “Gold Star “, founded in
1958, including TVs, refrigerators, radios, washing machines, and ACs.

5 Viewsonic

Viewsonic is the last brand on the list, one of the newer and fastest-emerging
projectors. View Projector is one of the best projects that offer a range of digital
projectors equipped with the latest technology, using smart chip sets such as XGA,
UXGA, WXGA and 3D support. ViewSonic Projectors has a wide range of projectors
with various features, functionality, and practicality. These projectors can be used for
official or classroom presentations, while the higher and more advanced models are an
excellent choice for the centrepiece of your prized home theatre setup.
After choosing the brand, what is the next step? It is to find the best projector
dealer who can guide you with the best projector.

How can you find the best projector dealer?
Finding the best dealer can take you to the best deals available. The step is to search
online and read customer reviews to gauge their reputation. Choose the dealer with a
wide range of projector models and brands to compare options. Lastly, inquire about
the post-sales support, including maintenance and installation services, to make the
right choice. One of the best dealers is projector dealers in Kenya.

To wind up
As newer technologies take place, projectors are one of the top technologies. With them, you can enjoy your favorite movies in your living room with a tub of
popcorn. However, choosing the most trusted brand is essential because of the
numerous options available in the market. In this article, you will find five projector
brands with the best features so you will not reintegrate.

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