Panasonic IP Telephony in Kenya

Panasonic IP Telephony in Kenya

Panasonic phone systems provide you with the flexibility necessary for any company today. Panasonic PBX Systems have Ultimate flexibility and reliability. They’re configured to satisfy the requirements of any organization from one-site to multi-site companies. Our telephone system range covers an extensive number of office communication products. This is from simple digital systems with traditional desk-based handsets to advanced IP-based network communications platforms for large organizations based in multiple locations.

Panasonic Phone System with combined advantages of traditional telephone systems with IP telephony. These Phone Systems offer business-friendly features and functionality and also the capability to handle all your communication needs. The Panasonic analog telephone systems permit you to migrate to an IP phone system gradually. With flexible call management along with a varied terminal line-up, this Panasonic office phone system is the right solution for wireless communication needs. Panasonic Phone systems centralize the management of business communications. The hybrid PBX digital systems offer an industry-leading mixture of reliable PBX products along with IP technology. This provides a competent and versatile selection of wireless and wired communications systems.

Panasonic Unified Communication Platform

Panasonic NS Series Unified communication Phone System specifically for small or medium-sized businesses with a budget, Increase satisfaction and efficiency in mind. The system has a sufficient capacity for legacy and IP ports, is easily expandable, and used to expand the system when you want. NS Series PBX System has rich IP features, such as mobile linking, integrated voicemail and e-mail, instant messaging (chat), and presence information.

Panasonic NS Series Phone Systems

The KX NS Series PBX Systems provides flexible system configurations that freely combine both IP and legacy systems to cost-effectively respond to your needs. This Unified Communication System has several features that can enhance your business. Panasonic KX-NS series Kenya sends an e-mail to notify you when you have new voice messages. The messages are as attachment files and forwarded. E-mail notification is for missed calls where the customer did not leave a message, so you can quickly contact the customer. As long as the KX-NS series can connect to the internet, you can use IP equipment as extensions (Built-in Media Relay Gateway: MRG). You can contact customers when you are at the office and when you are away from the office.

Panasonic NS Series phones include;

  • Panasonic NS500 PBX System
  • Panasonic NS700 PBX System
  • Panasonic NS1000 PBX System


Panasonic TDA & TDE Series

Enhance your business with a solution designed to meet your ever-changing needs. This includes wireless mobility, business productivity applications, network solutions, and a common infrastructure that helps connect all your users, wherever they may be. Transform your business using a solution made to meet your ever-changing needs. These include wireless mobility, business productivity applications, and network solutions, along with a common infrastructure that can help connect all of your users. Existing KX-TDA systems upgraded to the KX-TDE systems. With the Panasonic KX-TDE PBX Systems, you can choose from any type of telephone terminal–digital, DECT wireless, or the new stylish IP telephones. The KX-TDE gives you an extensive choice of telephone terminals to suit your specific business telephony needs.

Panasonic TDA Series is specifically designed for the Mid-size business. Coming with a modular and scalable architecture, the systems are usually designed to satisfy all business communication needs. KX-TDA business telephony solutions combine the advantages of traditional telecommunications with the convergence of IP technology. It offers maximum features and flexibility to handle all your corporate communication needs.

Panasonic TDE/TDA series phone system includes:

  • Panasonic TDE600 PBX System
  • Panasonic TDE200 PBX System
  • Panasonic TDE100 PBX System
  • Panasonic TDA600 PBX System
  • Panasonic TDA200 PBX System
  • Panasonic TDA100 PBX System
  • Panasonic TD 100D PBX System
  • Panasonic TD 100DBP PBX System

Factors to consider when installing the Panasonic IP telephony system

What connectivity do you currently have in place and is it suitable to run voice?

One of the most important elements of a VoIP solution is the IP internet circuit. To ensure business-grade call quality, the internet circuit requires a certain level of guaranteed performance. Normal DSL broadband circuits do not provide guaranteed performance. Only DSL circuits that have performance SLAs designed specifically for voice are suitable. Ethernet circuits provide suitable performance SLAs and, if correctly configured for QoS (Quality of Service) they can prioritize voice traffic ahead of normal data. This makes them suitable for use with both voice and data simultaneously.

At Hubtech limited, we will always consider the IP connection when providing a voice solution. We strongly recommend running voice over Fibre Ethernet, Fibre Broadband, or an SDSL M connection with guarantees on the quality of voice.

What features do you require for your phone system and will your requirements change in the future?

VOIP offers a far more versatile way of working compared to traditional telephone solutions. It allows you to create a more functional, efficient, and ultimately more profitable working culture. It will also give you more flexibility with telephone numbers. This flexibility is also valuable when designing your disaster recovery plans.

At Hubtech limited, we will always do our utmost to gain a full understanding of your business. These include what you do, how you operate, and the number of sites to allow us to better tailor a VoIP solution to your business.

How long does it take to install a new phone system and when do you want the new system in by?

There are many unique elements to installing a phone system. There is the hardware to prepare, the configuration of the phone system, the integration with the LAN network, and the numbers to port. If your business cannot run without the ability to make calls, then this needs to be a chief priority when moving. Also, if you are upgrading an existing phone system, then consider why you are upgrading. Is it reduced cost, improved productivity, flexible working, or maybe all three? The quicker the system is in place, the quicker you will start benefiting in these areas.

At Hubtech limited we ensure your business gets the phone system it needs. But you also need the system to be ready in time.

How will you implement a new phone system with minimal disruption to your business?

Making a change to your phone system can disrupt a business. Not only by changing our handsets and installing new hardware but also through a change in business culture. New features you want employees to use, working from a softphone rather than a desk phone, working from mobiles, etc. It is important to consider when you plan to implement a new system and if you have suitable training planned for the system. If you are a cyclical business, replace your phone system in the off-season or for other businesses to install it in their quieter months. You should also have a plan in place to ensure you continue to receive calls for an install period.

At Hubtech limited, we will always discuss and implement a plan during the upgrade of a phone system. It includes call diversions for business continuity and adequate training for the staff on the new phone system. A well-planned install process can considerably reduce the disruption caused to a business when upgrading your phone system.

Budget and Startup Costs

Though the monthly fees and equipment costs tend to be lower with VoIP. We should always look at any decision that requires a financial outlay from a budgetary standpoint.

Migration Process

Before selecting a VoIP provider, find out what their migration process is. Ideally, the switch should be seamless, with little to no downtime. In an ideal world, the provider will do all the heavy lifting.

Some of the steps in the migration process include installing software, sourcing phones, and transferring your phone number to the new system. Also connecting the phones and porting your phone number to the new phones.

Benefits of installing Panasonic IP telephone


When you make a call on a traditional phone line, the phone company charges for each minute of call time. With businesses, this adds up as there can be hundreds, if not thousands, of phone calls per day. With cellular phones, monthly plans typically come with a limited number of minutes, unless the user has an unlimited plan.

If a person exceeds their minutes, they are usually charged more the following month. If someone has a prepaid phone plan, then they have to add additional minutes before they run out. With an IP, especially VoIP, the only charges that occur monthly are from the internet service provider. These savings add up quickly for a business, especially at 7 cents per minute for a landline phone.


If a business needs to add another phone line, all they have to do is add an IP phone to their router. They do not have to worry about the cost of an additional phone line.

IP is wireless and all they do is call routings in the cloud. This means that your business doesn’t need a dedicated call center to handle calls. Furthermore, IP is highly portable and a remote worker on the other side of the country or the world can handle calls.

 Worldwide access

Since IP is wireless and portable, more employers are seeing the benefits of hiring employees who can work remotely. We often see this as a win-win scenario for both sides.

For the employees, working from home has many benefits. Not only do they not have to deal with being stuck in traffic, but they save on gas, and wear and tear for their vehicle.

For businesses, having employees work from home saves overhead costs, makes it possible to have smaller office spaces, and makes employees more productive. Businesses will save on the cost of office supplies.

Feature versatility

Many features make using IP phone systems exciting and efficient. If you receive a voicemail, that voicemail sends to three other people with just one click. A person is automatically called on a list of specified numbers until answered or the call goes to voicemail. The first two rings can go to the office phone, the next three to the cell phone.

 Easy to integrate

IP phone services are very easy to integrate into the business’s existing infrastructure. With IP phone services, Email sends faxes, and the Network sends credit cards. Since everything is quicker, it’ll significantly improve productivity within the workforce. This also allows for greater customer service, as they bring up information sent and received at a faster rate.

Better mobility

If an employee needs to move to a different desk, or if an office practices hot-desking, then IP telephony is the smart choice. With IP telephony, employees can work remotely from any location in the world. They need to be re-patched at the new location. Also, they have to do is to take their phone to their new desk.